Designing Healthy Meal Plans To Aid Recovery

Designing Healthy Meal Plans To Aid Recovery

You are what you eat, and recovering addicts who fill their bodies with bad foods will undermine everything they accomplished during rehab. One consequence of abusing drugs such ascrack is that is saps essential nutrients from the body. This is one of the reasons why many drug addicts appear gaunt and experience rapid weight loss, because their bodies aren’t being properly nourished. Below are some ways to structure a healthy meal plan that will boost your recovery.

Get Rid of “Comfort Foods”

Comfort foods should be consumed in moderation even by those who are not drug addicts, but those who are should eliminate these foods entirely, at least until they’ve completely recovered from their addiction. The danger of recovering addicts consuming comfort foods such as candy, cookies and potato chips is that these foods are high in both salt and fat, and binging on them is easy. The human brain will not heal correctly when they consume these foods, which can actually increase their chances of a relapse.

An Ideal Meal Plan For Recovering Addicts

The most optimal meal plan for a recovering addict is one that is well rounded. It should include a variety of health foods such as vegetables, whole grains and nuts. It is extremely important to make sure their meals are rich in vitamins, antioxidants and minerals. Breakfast should be kept light. It can consist of something delicious like a smoothie with fruit, yogurt and almond milk with flaxseed and berries.

For snacks you would want to focus on whole grains, in the form of toast with butter made from almonds with an egg that is hard boiled. Lunch is important and it could consist of something like raw vegetables combined with chicken that is grilled with some bean soup. A great option for a healthy dinner would be something like quinoa combined with cooked vegetables and salmon.

Additional Things To Keep In Mind

Establishing the best meal plan in the world is meaningless if a recovering addict does not stick to it. This is where discipline is so important. Adjusting to a healthy diet will be difficult, especially at first. The temptation to pass up nuts, vegetables or salads in favor of ice cream, cookies, donuts, pizza, burgers or chocolate will be notoriously difficult. It doesn’t help if these foods are sitting around the house, within view and reach of the recovering addict.

Friends and family members can help by not bringing home any fast foods which have a powerful aroma that the person recovering from addiction can smell. For instance, members of the family who want pizza or other fast foods should eat out and not bring it home. Any cookies, chocolates or candies that are brought home should be hidden and or locked away. The only food that should be available to the recovering addict is healthy foods, particularly those that are rich in B vitamins.