How To Handle Emotional Pain Effectively

How To Deal With Emotional Pain Effectively

Many people don’t realize that psychological trauma can be more damaging to their lives than pain which is physical. A connection has even been found between painful emotions and the development of various health problems, including high blood pressure, reduced immune efficiency, inflammation, and changes within the brain’s chemistry. It can be helpful for patients to turn to mental health rehab in order to learn how to deal with the emotional trauma they’ve experienced. However, if you have not experienced such a program yet, here are some tips for you to deal with emotional pain on your own:

Don’t Brood Or Ruminate Over Unpleasant Memories

Life is full of many unpleasant events. People you trust may betray you, someone you care about may die, you will set goals and fail to reach them, and at some point you will be rejected. You may also find yourself in situations which are unjust or unfair. These life events can be traumatic and can create unpleasant feelings that can remain for years. However, you don’t want to dwell on them.

Ruminating on these unpleasant memories will not help you, and will actually increase your stress levels. Another thing that it will increase is C-reactive protein, which is associated with inflammation in the body which can result in cardiovascular disease.

Always Remember What You Have And Learn From Past Failures

Many people obsess over what other people have that they don’t have. The media loves to promote this, telling us about celebrities who buy huge mansions or some athlete who buys a million dollar sports car. This is designed to make you feel inadequate; to promote the idea those material goods lead to a better and more fulfilling life.

The reality is that there will always be someone who has more than you have and there will always be someone who has less. If you have eyesight be thankful for it; there are some people who are blind. If you have a job or a place to stay be thankful, as there are many people who are homeless. Developing gratitude for what you have, instead of obsessing over what you don’t, is the first step towards greater well-being.

It is also important to learn from past failures. Many of life’s headaches result from bad decisions, and it is easy to blame others. Looking inward and focusing on what you could have done better will ensure that you don’t repeat these same mistakes in the future. This will allow you to grow and develop and will make your life more fulfilling. Self-affirmation is also an important tool, because it allows you to recognize the areas where you’re strong.

Use Guilt In A Positive Way

Many people consider guilt to be negative emotion, but it has its benefits. If you feel guilty for something you’ve done in the past it can be used to help you stop. But too much guilt can weaken your ability to enjoy life. When you have wronged another person one way of overcoming guilt is to show genuine empathy. This will show them that you understand how your behavior has adversely affected them. In all likelihood this will cause them to forgive you which will make it easier for you to alleviate the guilty feelings you have.