The Dangers of Abusing Crystal Meth

The Dangers of Abusing Crystal Meth

Crystal meth is the crystallized, concentrated version of methamphetamine, and is arguably one of the most dangerous drugs available on the street today. Its danger comes not just from the effects that it has on the mind and body, but also due to its cheap price tag, which makes it widely available and easily affordable. Slang terms which are used to describe it include Crank, Speed and Ice.

Crystal Meth Is Comprised Of Toxic Chemicals

One good reason to avoid using crystal meth is that the street gangs and cartels that produce this garbage care little about the health of their customers, only profits. Therefore, quality controls are non-existent. Many of the chemicals which are used in the production of this drug are extremely hazardous to the human body, so much so that when meth labs are discovered and dismantled police and health teams must wear specialized gear and follow certain procedures to protect themselves.

Crystal Meth Wrecks Your Body And Mind

The human body has a natural ability to heal itself, but crystal meth interferes with this function. As a consequence those who are stupid enough to abuse this substance will experience a gradual deterioration of both their body and mind. Inhaling it will completely eviscerate your teeth, as well as the mucosal linings within your mouth. This will ultimately lead to tooth loss and a variety of dental issues.

It is common for crystal meth users to experience significant weight loss. This is because the drug rapidly increases the metabolism while lowering appetite to the point where the user has little desire for food. While this may sound great to those that are looking for a quick weight loss solution, don’t even think about trying this substance, as you will have to deal with its many negative side effects and may ultimately become emaciated. Crystal meth leads to paranoia, delusions, hallucinations and an inability to sleep.

Trying Crystal Meth Once Can Kill You

Another good reason to turn down crystal meth if it is offered to you is that it can instantly kill you. Crystal meth can cause heart attacks, cerebral hemorrhaging, high blood pressure, stroke, problems with the nervous system and lung collapse. Even people who are perfectly healthy can die from trying crystal meth even once, which means that those who sample this drug are literally gambling with their lives.

Crystal meth can also damage and kill the babies of expecting mothers. A pregnant woman who tries crystal meth will give it to her baby as well. These meth babies, if they make it to term, will need specialized treatment to withdraw from the substance. Other consequences which come from pregnant women abusing crystal meth include low birth weight, premature birth and developmental problems.

If a woman wants to destroy her life by abusing crystal meth that is her choice, as foolish as it is. However, her unborn child has no choice. The problems discussed so far don’t even include the professional and social consequences that come from using crystal meth, which can include the loss of a job, family, friends and your freedom. If you need addiction counseling on why you should not take crystal meth, contact our facility today to learn more.