How To Cope With Rehab Costs

How To Cope With Rehab Costs

One of the biggest challenges facing many addicts that want to enter rehab is paying for it. Substance abuse takes its toll not only on the body and mind, but also one’s finances. It isn’t unusual for an addict to sell most of their belongings to support their habit, and long term addicts are often unemployment or employed at low paying jobs. When you consider the fact that quality rehab treatment can easily cost a few thousand dollars or more, it becomes easy to see why finding solutions to fund it is important. Below are some of them.

Medicaid or Medicare

These are two government programs which are similar to, but different from each other. Medicaid is a state and federal system which provides assistance for medical costs for people that have low income, while Medicare is an insurance program available to seniors as well as younger people who are disabled. If you currently have Medicaid or Medicare, or are eligible to receive it, you may be able to use it to fund a portion of your rehab costs.

Sliding Scale Payments

Many rehab treatment centers are aware that some addicts are unable to afford their price of admission; as a response they’ve developed sliding scale payments. This is a system where the treatment costs are dependent on what the addict can afford. The treatment center staff will evaluate your income and come up with a price that is based on it. You will also need to provide them with either your bank statements or pay stubs from your job.


Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, most working Americans should now have some form of health insurance, even those that work at lower end jobs. Most insurance plans will cover at least a portion of your rehab treatment, and if they don’t you should consider getting a new plan, as you’re paying premiums for something that isn’t useful to you. You will need to speak with your insurance provider in order to determine if rehab is covered, and if so, how much. You will also need to check with the rehab center that you wish to enter to determine if they will accept your insurance.

Many insurance providers will have limits in terms of the amount of days they will cover your rehab, as well as the treatment level and the price. In most cases you will be required to co-pay the rehab fees, and always be sure to inquire about this before you enter a facility, so you’re not hit with anything unexpected.

Payment Plans

A good rehab facility should offer some type of payment plan so you don’t have to pay the entire sum up front, and if they don’t, you should find another facility. A payment plan splits the lump sum into smaller parts which can be paid off on a bi-weekly or monthly basis. This removes the financial burden that would occur if you had to pay everything at once. While good rehab centers can certainly be costly, the costs of continuing to abuse drugs or alcohol is much higher.