The Connection Between Addiction And Spirituality

The Connection Between Addiction And Spirituality

There are many interpretations of spirituality, but it generally entails the belief in a higher power which governs the universe, which creates interconnectedness among all things, as well as the quest for self-improvement, meaning and purpose which results from forming a connection with this power. Spirituality is distinct from religion, and some believe there is an association between it and drug addiction.

A Weak Spirit Makes One Vulnerable To Addiction

People that choose to abuse drugs often lack a higher purpose or self-awareness. They may also use drugs to escape from traumatic events that they’ve experienced in the past. Examples of this could be someone who drinks alcohol to deal with the abuse they suffered as a child, or a soldier that becomes addicted to sleeping pills because they help him sleep and avoid the things he has seen on the battlefield.

In both cases the spirit of the individual has been weakened due to traumatic life experiences which make them resort to using drugs as a coping mechanism. The relief offered by these substances is only temporary, and is offset by addiction and all the problems that come with it. Addiction also leads to isolation, and the more isolated an individual becomes, the more they need the substance to cope, creating a destructive cycle.

Uplifting The Spirit Is The Key To Overcoming Addiction

If a weakened spirit makes one vulnerable to addiction, then this means that an uplifted spirit will make one less vulnerable. Even better, an uplifted spirit can help an addict overcome their addiction for good. To empower the spirit the addict must be given a purpose, a cause. Meaning must be brought to their lives. They must develop ways to cope with past trauma that doesn’t involve consuming a substance.

It is for this reason that a growing number of rehab centers are focusing on spiritual empowerment. These institutions recognize that it isn’t enough to provide patients with detoxification, food, exercise and therapy. To permanently overcome addiction the very spirit of the patient must be uplifted, and this can be either through religion or other activities that put them in touch with a higher power or cause.

Spirituality Supersedes Wealth, Success And Beauty

So often we hear about rich, famous and beautiful people that die of overdoses. These people include movie stars, supermodels and athletes. Many people find it hard to understand how these individuals who appear to have everything can throw their lives away all because they decided to consume a substance they shouldn’t have. What many people fail to realize is that without spirituality all the beauty, fame and wealth in the world is meaningless.

There is a deep, profound satisfaction that comes from the feeling of being connected to something which is greater than the self. Spirituality provides something that no amount of money or fame can, which is purpose and meaning. It will help you get through life’s many unexpected and sometimes unpleasant turns and can greatly assist you in recovering from virtually anything.