How To Choose A Rehab Facility

How To Choose A Rehab Facility

Choosing a rehab facility can be difficult, especially for those that aren’t familiar with the process. There are many things to take into consideration, but one of the best ways to make the right choice is to ask the proper questions. The answers you’re given will help you decide whether a rehab facility is right for you.

Does the Facility Provide 24 Hour Care?

Emergencies don’t stop occurring after hours, and it is important to choose a rehab facility that is always available when you need it. The best are those which provide 24 hour care. Many rehab centers employ nursing staff, and you should check to see if these nurses are qualified for acute care and rehabilitation. For an inpatient program, a patient should receive a minimum of 3 hours of therapy each day, 5 days per week. Anything less is not worth your time and in fact, this is the minimum requirement for rehabilitation facilities which are licensed.

Are Outpatient or Supplemental Services Available?

The top rehab centers are those which provide services which are comprehensive. This includes both home care and outpatient therapy, which should be available close to where you live. Another sign of a good rehab facility is one which provides supplemental services. Examples of such services include art, cooking, coordination exercises, animal therapy or horticulture. The more diverse the supplemental services the better.

How are the Treatment Plans Structured?

Different rehab centers will structure their treatment plans in different ways. Doctors or nurses may work alongside recreational, occupational or physical therapists, as well as social workers or psychologists to create treatment plans. These types of plans are often the best because they receive input from various experts.

Does the Facility Encourage the Participation of the Patient’s Family?

Beware of rehab facilities that discourage the participation of family members in anyway. This lack of transparency is a sign that the facility is not trustworthy or reliable. A good rehab center will always encourage a strong relationship between the staff members, patient and their family in order to maximize the chances of recovery. It is important to find out specifically how family members are encouraged to assist the patient and if they can observe the therapy or attend meetings.

Does the Facility Offer Multiple Specialists and Insurance Assistance?

A good rehab center will employ a wide range of professionals. This includes psychologists, nurses, doctors, and other licensed individuals who can provide input and assistance to patients. Many patients will have questions about insurance, so it is important for the staff members to be able to provide guidance in this area, verifying specific insurance benefits and coordinating services.

The rehab center should also be able to access the patient’s medical history. This includes the list of medications they’ve been prescribed, as well as results from laboratory and radiology tests. Access to this information is crucial as it allows the center to provide care optimized for that patient. Rehab can be expensive so it is important for patients to be sure they’re getting what they’re paying for.