Can I Use My Phone In Rehab?

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When you go to addiction treatment, you are there to recover. This is a challenging process, and it is essential to not have any distractions derail your addiction recovery. If you were living deep in your substance abuse, your life was unmanageable and chaotic. For security reasons, many rehabs have a policy that you must leave any valuables, like laptops and cell phones, at home. If you do bring them, they will likely be locked up in a safe until you’re ready to leave.


The truth of the matter is that when you’re addicted to something you will most likely do anything possible to get to your drug of choice and that includes lying, stealing and cheating your way to it. Having access to outside contacts and the Internet makes it easier to do that. Even if you have the best intentions going into substance abuse treatment and don’t want to use or drink, something may trigger you and make you want to call your old drug dealer to bring you something.


Not having access to your cell phone helps you to stay emotionally, physically and mentally away from the people, places and things that helped fuel your drug addiction in the first place. Not to mention that cell phones also can bring a privacy problem into a treatment center if patients are taking pictures and sharing information about other patients at the facility without their consent. This is obviously damaging for everyone involved, especially the victim.


But having a no-cell-phone policy in place doesn’t mean you will never have access to a phone or be able to communicate with family and friends while in substance abuse treatment. You are able to reach those closest to you who will support your addiction recovery. For example, here at New Life, patients are allowed to use phones provided at our center during monitored time if they need to contact family or friends or deal with work-related issues.



Don’t be afraid of letting go of your cell phone for a relatively short period of time in order to free yourself from the constant need to be connected to everyone and everything at all times. Give yourself the opportunity to fully detox and then recover in all ways without distractions.


If you are thinking about entering or are already entering drug and alcohol rehab, you will receive a list of things you can and cannot bring. If you have any questions about the items on the lists, feel free to ask any questions you may have. You absolutely have the right to know why certain things are not allowed but remember that if a treatment facility doesn’t allow a particular item it’s to preserve the quality of your stay there and ensure your safety and the safety of others.


Rehabs specifically create and design their programs so that each whole day is mapped out, planned and accounted for in the most productive and helpful ways for your recovery. While in recovery you should not even have much time to use your cellphone because you will be so busy with detox, individual and group therapy, exercise, natural health remedies and treatments, relapse prevention groups and much more.


You came to rehab to start a new life – not continue destructive path you were living before. So cell phone use is prohibited to limit distractions, disruptions, and tardiness because of phone calls, text messages and the internet.


To speak confidentially with one of our recovery advisors, please call (855) 658-0035 or contact us so we can set up a personalized treatment plan that focuses directly on your drug of choice and the best methods of recovery and healing!