Can Recovering Addicts Be Truly Happy?

recovering addicts truly happy

Overcoming addiction is the only way that recovering addicts can achieve lasting happiness. Many people turn to drugs and alcohol to get away from the painful realities of life. But, at best, this only brings temporary relief that is followed by the greater pain of addiction.

Don’t Be Tempted To Do Things The Easy Way

One reason why people become addicted to drugs and alcohol is the tendency of humans to do things the easy way. Think about it for the moment. If you had the choice between sitting down and watching an exciting movie and eating popcorn, or getting on the floor and doing 250 push-ups, which activity would you prefer? Most people would choose to watch the film. Yet doing the push-ups, which is harder, is better for your body and health.

Life will rarely bring good things to you without effort. If you want lasting happiness then it must be earned. Everyone wants life’s goodies, the big house, fast car, nice muscles, great paying job, beautiful or handsome spouse.  But obtaining all these things requires you to put in effort. The happiness that comes from drugs is only artificial and temporary. It isn’t grounded in reality and was obtained merely by snorting a powder, taking a pill or injecting something into your vein. As with most things in life that come easy, it is worthless and can ultimately become deadly.

If you want to have a life that is truly happy and fulfilling, learn to start doing things the hard way rather than the easy way. When faced with two or more choices, and you’re not sure which one is best, go for the choice that is toughest, the one that will require more effort. Try walking to school or work instead of driving. Teach yourself new skills, such as a foreign language. Start exercising regularly and change your diet. Accomplishing these things will be tough in the short term but will bring happiness, confidence and well-being in the long term.

Surround Yourself With People That Truly Care About You

Life is difficult and to cope you need people around you that care. A common mistake made by drug abusers is surrounding themselves with trashy people. This is often what tempts them to begin using drugs in the first place. The best rehab treatment in the world will do you no good if you continue associating with people who have ill intentions. You should want people around you that uplift and inspire you.

To stay clean, you must be prepared to sever ties with anyone that isn’t on the same wavelength as you, including family members and friends. Anyone who tempts you to use drugs in anyway is an enemy that you must cut out of your life. This is extremely difficult for some people to do. They have emotional ties to certain individuals and the idea of ending their relationship with them is too painful. But you can always form new, better relationships with people that will bring you true happiness. Remember, recovering addicts can find true happiness.

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