BREAK THE CHAINS Episode 08 “Women & Addiction”

women addicts

On today’s show we’re going to pull the cover off some long held misconceptions about women addicts. Our goal is to shed light on the true and tragic reality that has for too long been swept under the rug. My guests today are Twyla Wilson and Linda Gingras.

Twyla is a licensed clinical social worker and psychotherapist in Durham, NC. She trains professionals on gender responsive, trauma informed treatment for women. And prior to being in private practice she was a faculty member at Duke University Medical Center in the Departments of Psychiatry and Social Work. At Duke she started a women’s addiction treatment program.

Linda Gingras is a licensed marriage and family therapist and a board certified alcohol and drug counselor. She serves as a Director of Addiction and Prevention Services at Jewish Family Service in Los Angeles where she coordinates and provides substance abuse services for chemically dependent clients and their families. She’s also President of the Women’s Association for Addiction Treatment, a national professional organization for women in the addiction field.