BREAK THE CHAINS Episode 03 “Stupid Things”

Infinite Human Stupidity

Stupid decisions aren’t fun for anyone, but they can be disastrous for people in recovery. And that’s why our guest today, psychotherapist Dr. Allen Berger wrote a book called, “12 Stupid Things That Mess Up Recovery.” On the heels of that book her wrote, “12 Smart Things to Do When the Booze and Drugs Are Gone.” Dr. Berger has counseled thousands of addicts and is himself in recovery and that makes him very well qualified to talk to us today about some of the most common mistakes he’s seen people in recovery make. He’ll also describe some of the boldest, healthiest ones he’s compiled over the years practiced by people who decided to grow up and take responsibility for their emotions and their actions.

Also these books are a lot of fun to read. They have a lot of anecdotes, they’re chalk full of wisdom and guidance on all kinds of productive ways to look at ourselves and manage our lives.