How Do You Benefit From Long Term Drug Rehab?

How Do You Benefit From Long Term Drug Rehab

Long term drug rehab will typically last for a minimum of 90 days. Research shows that this type of treatment has a much higher success rate than short term programs, often because patients have enough time to deal with the underlying issues that are behind their addiction as well as developing coping strategies to overcome it.

Why Long Term Drug Rehab Is More Effective

Before a patient can be admitted to a rehab facility they must first go through detoxification. Once their detox is complete they can then enter the treatment facility. It takes time to adjust to any new environment, and short term rehab (which typically lasts 30 days), is not enough time for a patient to become fully adjusted to their new surroundings. The detox and adjustment period alone can last as long as two weeks, before the core treatment begins.

This would only leave the patient with about two weeks to receive formal treatment and counseling. Many experts within the rehabilitation field feel that this is not sufficient time for a patient to overcome serious addiction, and is one of the reasons why many rehab programs have high failure rates.  Long term inpatient drug rehab is more effective because it gives patients more time to end their physical dependence. Many addicts cannot afford to pay for rehab directly out of pocket, and must rely instead on insurance companies. Short term rehab is pushed primarily by the insurance industry because it allows them to slash their costs, whereas long term rehab increases them.

Long Term Rehab Gives The Body More Time To Heal

Extensive abuse of alcohol or drugs will take a serious toll on the body. It isn’t unusual for heavy drinkers or drug users to be malnourished, dehydrated or gaunt. These individuals will almost always suffer from nutrient deficiency and their appearance may have greatly deteriorated. As a consequence when many addicts enter rehab their physical health is in such a poor state that it can take months, rather than weeks, for their bodies to heal. Short term rehab does not allow enough time for the body to adjust to a healthier diet and environment, which can be detrimental to recovering addicts.

Long Term Rehab Provides The Skills and Strategies To Remain Addiction Free

When a patient enters a long term program, especially one which is holistic, they will be exposed to a variety of activities, some of which may be completely new to them. Acupuncture, massages, meditation, yoga and animal therapy are just a few of the approaches that are used to help recovering addicts.

It is unlikely that a patient will receive the full benefit of these activities within a 30 day period, not to mention the many skills that they will need to develop to deal with the triggers that will tempt them to relapse. During long term rehab, the treatment staff will have enough time to test, evaluate and interview the patients. This will give them enough time to help the patient deal with the underlying causes which led to their addiction.