How to Alter Behaviors Which Increase Opioid Demand

How to Alter Behaviors Which Increase Opioid Demand

Opioids have become ubiquitous in American society, and this is largely due to behaviors which fuel demand for them. Those who have trouble acquiring these narcotics from their doctor can easily order them over the web or purchase them directly from a drug dealer. When the cost of certain pills become too high, there is always the option of switching to cheaper substitutes which are abundant and often more potent.

The Role Of Opioids In Alleviating Pain

One reason why opioids are so popular, and deadly, is due to their ability to alleviate severe chronic and debilitating pain. This is true of substances such as heroin as well as Imodium, and because the supply of these drugs is virtually limitless there is no indication that their demand or usage will end anytime soon. The truth is, most societies throughout history have utilized various types of intoxicants in some form.

When the government passes laws restricting the use of drugs, people will inevitably find ways to get around them. What the policymakers fail to consider is the effectiveness of these substances and how this relates to their continued use. Too much attention in society is paid to controlling the usage of the substance and emphasizing the negative consequences of its use.

However, it is the positives associated with drugs and alcohol that keep people using. Despite their danger when abused, drugs stimulate the reward system of the brain. They offer bliss, relief from both physical and psychological pain, and they even fill the emotional void and disconnectedness that so many people fill these days. Is it any wonder this industry generates hundreds of billions each year? When you consider the short term benefits that people gain from using drugs, it is easy to see why they are willing to risk arrest or death to acquire and use them.

Alternative Behaviors Are The Key To Victory

There are things in life other than needles or pills that can satiate our physical and psychological needs. It also isn’t enough to tell people about the consequences of using drugs, as the statistics show that many don’t listen. Rather, the solution to the problem may be found in emerging technologies such as electrophysiology or neurocircuitry, or it may be found in something as simple as nutrition, family, art or eastern practices.

Drug addiction is a very complex subject and government restrictions and regulations have failed to have a major impact. If anything their policies have simply created greater demand which has led to a dark and lucrative underground economy. To resolve the drug problem once and for all, safer alternatives must be found that provide all the benefits of their use without the negatives, or scientists must develop the ability to alter the mind in a manner where there simply no longer is a desire to use them. Either way, this is a challenging area that will require a significant amount of research and funding for true progress to be found, if such progress is possible at all.