Alcohol Abuse And Pain Medications Make A Deadly Marriage!

alcohol abuse and pain medications

Alcohol addiction alone is terrible, but when combined with pain medication abuse, this can become downright dangerous. Unfortunately, many people use the two in tandem. Both alcohol and pain relievers produce an array of effects many of which are negative, and when taken together they will be compounded. Here are some of the consequences that alcohol abuse and pain medications will have on your marriage.

Alcohol Significantly Alters Your Behavior

While alcoholic beverages are safe to consume in moderate amounts, excessive drinking can lead to extreme personality changes. Studies have shown that the IQ of individuals under the influence of alcohol drops significantly, and most worrying of all is the increase in aggression that some people manifest.

A strong connection has been found between married couples and alcohol and spousal abuse. Whenever alcohol is present in the household and it is being abused by one or both partners, the chances of physical abuse occurring increases dramatically. In the most extreme cases some married individuals have seriously injured or accidentally killed their spouses while under the influence of alcohol.

Pain Medications And Alcohol Are Both Depressants

Another hazardous component of combining alcohol with pain relievers is the fact that both are classified as depressants. This means that when consumed simultaneously users can experience slower breathing, confusion and judgment which are impaired. Those who foolishly mix alcohol with opioids may display irregularities in their heart rate, fluctuations in their blood pressure, nausea, vomiting and dizziness. In the most extreme cases the user could enter a coma or die.

Those Who Abuse Alcohol And Pain Meds May Have Poor Finances

Financial issues are a major contributor to the decline of marriages. Many couples end up in divorce court due to conflicts over money. Such conflicts become exacerbated when one or both parties are under the influence of alcohol and opioids. The reason for this is twofold. First, drinking excessively often results in poor judgment which leads to other cash draining activities such as gambling and frivolous shopping.

Second, both opioids and alcohol are costly, especially when purchased regularly. They can quickly take a toll on one’s finances which can ultimately lead to marital problems. Those that are addicted to alcohol and pain meds also have a significantly higher chance of becoming heavily indebted, another factor that can damage their relationships.

Solutions To The Problem

Overcoming addiction to a single substance is tough, but two is even harder. Thankfully advanced treatment methods have been developed which can help addicts overcome their condition and rekindle their marriage. Many people become addicted to pain relievers due to injuries which result in chronic pain. They resort to taking overpriced opioids which can become habit forming when there are many natural alternatives available. Rehab facilities will help these individuals work through the problems they’ve been having and with family therapy their spouses can be brought in to assist. This will allow them to overcome their substance abuse and live a life which is free of both alcohol and opioids.