Addiction Recovery Is About The Art Of Learning From Mistakes Made

Addiction Recovery

There have been cases where individuals, some of which were wealthy and prominent, spent thousands of dollars to enter luxurious rehab facilities with state of the art care, only to die of an overdose after completing treatment. Too many people believe that addiction recovery merely requires one to receive detoxification and then enter a rehab facility to finish their program. However, all this is meaningless if one does not learn from past mistakes.

To Stay Clean, You Must Set Aside Your Ego

Everyone has an ego, and it is healthy to a certain extent. But there are times in life when it can get in the way of progress, and one such example is when you’re battling addiction. To get clean and stay that way you must recognize that there are bad decisions you’ve made in the past which contribute to your present state. Perhaps you fell in with the wrong crowd, and succumbed to peer pressure to begin using street drugs. Or maybe you were prescribed a legal medication by a doctor, and chose to disregard their instructions, using it more than recommended.

The biggest mistake that people make is turning to drugs or alcohol to deal with painful events that have occurred in the past. This never works, and at best will bring cheap, temporary relief that will lead to greater pain down the road. Being honest with yourself about why you use drugs is the first step towards recovery. Only then can you make the changes necessary to better your life, regardless of how difficult they may be.

Surround Yourself With People That Care

We live in a cold, uncaring world where people are becoming increasingly disconnected from one another. Many naively cling to the idea that material possessions and financial success alone bring happiness, but they do not. Some of the world’s heaviest drug abusers are the rich and famous. Alcohol and drug abuse among celebrities is extremely common as are their deaths due to overdose.

What matters more than fame or wealth is having people in your life that truly care about you. Unfortunately, many drug addicts do not have such people around them. Instead they are surrounded by people that merely use them for one purpose or another, or perhaps they’ve been abused by family members and the past which has contributed to their addiction and lack of trust in others.

The most important thing you can do, aside from learning from past mistakes which led to your addiction, is to surround yourself with positive people that truly care. Remove anyone from your life who tempts you to continue using drugs. Stay away from environments which are associated with drug abuse. Accept the reality that you cannot, will not and should not try to overcome addiction by yourself. Instead, seek out people who can guide you in the right path and help you live a fulfilling, rewarding and meaningful life. This is how you can gain lasting recovery.