Addiction Facts & Info: Oxycodone

Addiction Facts Info Oxycodone

Oxycodone is a powerful opiate which is semi-synthetic and available in both Europe and the United States.  It is designed for patients who are suffering from serious pain resulting from cancer, injuries or bone and neurological diseases. While this drug is legal and available by prescription, some individuals abuse it, which can lead to many undesirable consequences.

Indications of Oxycodone Abuse

Those that choose to abuse this substance will display a number of changes in both their behavior and well-being. Some of these symptoms include reduced blood pressure, lightheadedness, vomiting, headaches, sweating, respiratory problems, constipation, itching and euphoria. The pupils will often appear dilated, and in severe cases an overdose can result in death, which usually results from the suppression of the respiratory system.

Oxycodone addicts will often appear restless or easily agitated, particularly when they’re unable to get their fix. They may appear depressed while displaying an inability to sleep. As with other opiates, users will build up a tolerance, meaning they need increasingly higher dosages to achieve the same high that they had when they first started. This rapidly increases the danger of overdose.

How Oxycodone Addiction Works

Many of the people who become addicted to Oxycodone were prescribed the drug by a doctor for pain which is chronic or debilitating. However, because of the tolerance which results from using the drug after a while they are unable to get enough relief which means they must increase the milligrams they consume. In situations where the user is unable to get the drug legally they will result to illegal means such as theft or buying from unauthorized dealers.

Overcoming Oxycodone Abuse

Overcoming Oxycodone addiction is no easy task, as the opiate is highly addictive. After experiencing one episode of withdrawal many addicts are so afraid of going through it again that they will do almost anything to get more of the drug. The only real way to overcome addiction to this substance is to seek professional help. Trying to quit cold turkey is extremely dangerous as it can increase the likelihood of overdose.

A long term rehabilitation program is the ultimate solution, as it will give addicts the time, resources and environment to recover efficiently. Addiction to both Oxycodone and other drugs causes considerable damage to the mind and body which is difficult for non-users to understand. In addition to helping addicts become clean quality rehabilitation centers will also educate and help them develop the skills which are needed get through life without depending on the substance.

The FDA has also made a number of changes to the rules regarding Oxycodone formulation. For instance manufacturers must now produce it in a manner where it cannot be dissolved or pulverized into a powder. This will make the drug a bit harder to abuse; however users still have the option of simply swallowing more than they need. Oxycodone has been compared to heroin due to the fact that many of the emotional and physical aspects of its abuse are quite similar. Doctors who prescribe this drug must also take precautions to reduce the likelihood of abuse.