Addiction Culture: The Rise of Molly

Addiction Culture The Rise of Molly

Molly is a drug that is making its presence felt at parties, festivals and other social events. It is a variant of MDMA, which will appear in the form of either a pill that is swallowed or a powder that is snorted similar to cocaine. Generally its effects have been likened to psychedelic substances or stimulants, and users have reported feeling more open and connected to those around them with reduced anxiety or fear.

Why Molly Is So Attractive To Teens

Aside from the innocent and cute sounding name, Molly attracts teens for a variety of reasons. First, it has been glorified in popular music, appearing in rap and rock songs which are listened to by teenagers. Second, when consumed the drug alleviates many of the anxieties and challenges that teenager’s face, including low self-esteem, socializing, dating and fitting in. When under the influence of Molly a teenager that is normally socially inept will become the life of the party, approaching total strangers to engage in pleasant conversation.

Making friends or dating is significantly easier while under the influence of Molly, making it incredibly difficult for teenagers to resist. Users also describe an experience which they refer to as “rolling,” which is the high that is acquired when using the substance. Users describe it as a massive warm wave that washes over the body, creating wonderful feelings.

The Dark Side Of Molly

Unfortunately, as with all illegal street drugs, Molly has its dark side, one which the rappers and rockers who glorify it in their music always forget to mention. Just a few of these negative effects include dehydration, confusion, depression, nausea and paranoia. It appears at a variety of concerts and events, but is extremely popular at raves, a type of electronic dance festival.

What is most dangerous about Molly however is the fact that many users don’t know the source of the drug, or the manner in which it was produced. Unscrupulous drug dealers have been known to use cheap substitutes while manufacturing the drug in order to reduce costs. This lowers the quality while introducing contaminants and other chemicals which can be deadly when consumed.

This is one of the reasons why many Molly users have dropped dead at concerts and parties, with many of their so called friends and acquaintances abandoning them. Most of the people who use Molly also fail to realize that it can cause hyperthermia or a rapid increase in body temperature. This is extremely dangerous at concerts and music festivals especially where the environmental temperature is already high due to the presence of body heat resulting from so many people dancing close together. Combine this with dehydration and it is a recipe for disaster.

Unfortunately, parents now have to think twice before allowing their teenager to attend festivals or parties, because the peer pressure to use drugs like Molly is extremely high. Unless there is a police or security presence at the event one cannot depend on event organizers to keep Molly from circulating in the crowd. If you need help in quitting Molly, reach out to us today at our state of the arts addiction treatment facility.