Activities That Will Help You Remain Sober

Activities That Will Help You Remain Sober

Many people experiment with drugs and alcohol out of boredom or because they want to escape from life’s many problems and headaches. However, the consequences which come from doing so are not worth it. One way to prevent addiction and remain sober is to engage in activities that are fulfilling, which make life worth living and give you a purpose and connection to a cause greater than yourself.

Embrace Religion and Spirituality

Modern society has become highly secular, and is much less religious or spiritual than it was in the past. This is especially true in the West, and some experts believe that it is one of the leading causes of not only increased drug usage, but an overall moral decline. While money and material objects are nice to have, they don’t bring true meaning or purpose to life, which is why so many rich and famous people abuse drugs and die from them.

One way to remain sober is to embrace religion or spirituality. It can be any faith you choose, as long as it gives your life meaning and purpose. Belief in a higher power will give you the strength which is necessary to overcome not only your addiction, but the many other stresses and trauma that life brings.

Play Team Sports

Sports, especially those which involve a team such as baseball, basketball or football can bring out the best in you. These sports teach the importance of self-discipline, concentration, coordination, fitness and teamwork. Whether or not you wish to turn professional is not important, so long as you’re having fun and building relationships with others.

Start A Business

Starting and operating a successful business requires a number of skills, and will keep you occupied in a way that makes it unlikely you’ll turn to drugs or alcohol. Running a business requires excellent management skills, an understanding of economics, markets and trends, and an ability to work well with others and overcome adversity. Building a successful business will make you a valuable member of the community whereas being a drug addict or alcoholic makes you a scourge.

Perform Volunteer Work

There is a great satisfaction which comes from helping others, even when you are not compensated in return. You will become a valuable and respected member of the community while also learning new skills and meeting new people, things which will keep you away from alcohol or drugs.

Learn New Skills

One reason people become addicted to drugs or alcohol is because they don’t challenge themselves. It is important to realize that these controlled substances are a fast and cheap way to relax and have a good time, but the consequences that come with their abuse undermines any temporary satisfaction they provide.

True long term satisfaction comes from learning new skills, such as a foreign language or gardening. While developing new skills takes time and effort, and can sometimes be frustrating, mastery leads to genuine well-being, self-confidence and satisfaction that can never and will never be experienced by abusing alcohol or drugs.