50 Million Pounds Worth of Cocaine Found on Private Jet Coming from Columbia to Small Hampshire Airport!

bagged cocaine

bagged cocaine

Border control forces in the UK have arrested 5 men from a small Hampshire airport upon finding half a tonne of cocaine worth more than 50 million pounds on a private jet coming from Columbia. Recognized as one of the most ground-breaking seizures of all time, the officers from the national Border Force discovered 500 kilograms of the drug. The seizure happend after investigating an airplane that came from Bogota and landed in the UK.

A Huge Legal Case

Upon landing at Farnborough Airport, 2 Britons, 1 Italian and 2 Spaniards were arrested by Border Force officers on suspicion of carrying imported cocaine. Mike Stepney, the Deputy Chief of the Border Force, said that after having met the flight attendants and questioning the ones present on board, they had suspicions about the private plane which lead them to carry out their search and investigation. They checked each and every passenger’s luggage in the hopes of finding some clues. After having completed the investigation, the officers found that the suspects had stored the A class drug in 15 different suitcases.

£50mil Worth of Cocaine

The suspect’s suitcase had thirty-four to thirty-seven packets packed in a brown bag that weighed 1 kilo each. One of the bags was pierced and a small quantity of white powder fell from the packet. Soon a test was conducted which revealed that the white power was indeed cocaine.  As a result of this investigation, 3 properties located in Bournemouth (Dorset) were also inspected by the National Crime Agency. The electronic devices of the suspects have been confiscated for examination purposes.