5 Sober Living Tips You Can Use During The Early Recovery Phase

5 Sober Living Tips You Can Use During The Early Recovery Phase

The beginning phase of your sobriety will be the most challenging phase you’ll experience. It is also the most important, as the things you do during this period will determine whether or not you will maintain sober living. Many recovering alcoholics fail to succeed because they believe that completing a treatment program is enough. These programs should be considered the beginning of a life time of sobriety. Below are five tips that you can use for assistance with this task:

Determine Your Triggers And Avoid Them

A trigger is an event which tempts a recovering alcoholic to relapse. While no two individuals will have the same exact triggers, everyone will have them. Identifying yours is important, as avoiding it will reduce temptation. As much as possible, avoid people, places or things which can tempt you to resume drinking.

Take One Day At A Time

While planning for the future is important, recovering alcoholics should take one day at a time. Focus on getting through a single day without drinking, and when you do, you should consider it a success. As you improve, you can set more goals. The hardest days, of course, will be those that are stressful.

Don’t Attempt Sobriety On Your Own

Resist the urge to do everything on your own. Sobriety will require support and guidance from family, friends and others who have gone through similar circumstances. Former alcoholics who have quit permanently will be your best source of support because they will understand your situation completely. 12 Step programs offer free meetings where you can get to know these individuals.

Become Physically Fit

Everyone can benefit from improved fitness, but this is especially true for recovering alcoholics. The reason for this is because heavy drinking places a major toll on your body and mind. In particular, excessive drinking can weaken various organs including the liver. Becoming physical fit during sobriety can strengthen your body and alleviate the damage that was caused by drinking.

In addition to your physical health, you should also pay attention to your mental health. Engage in activities that strengthen the mind, and take the time to speak with someone that understands you and can provide sound guidance.  Meditation can be one of the best ways to enhance your mental wellbeing. it involves finding a quiet place where you can close your eyes and focus on breathing and the movement of your lungs. It helps you develop both inner peace and greater self-awareness.

Keep Yourself Busy

Two things which may tempt you to resume drinking are stressful situations and boredom. If you keep yourself busy, especially with things you enjoy doing; you will find that your increased productivity will make it that much harder to resume drinking. Having real, tangible goals will give you a purpose for living, and you will look to these things as opposed to turning to the bottle to drink.