10 Ways To Take Care Of Yourself During Addiction Recovery

10 Ways To Take Care Of Yourself During Addiction Recovery

Addiction recovery requires patients to look out for their well-being, maintaining habits and activities that will keep them drug free for the duration of their lives. But doing this is easier said than done. The fact is that recovering from addiction can be overwhelming and there are many temptations or “triggers” that patients can expect to be exposed to the moment they leave rehab. Below are some things you can do to counter them.

Continue Speaking With Your Therapist

Many recovering addicts fail to continue corresponding with their therapist after leaving rehab. This is a mistake, as these professionals can help you cope with the challenge of remaining drug free in the face of temptation.

Become Physically Fit

Very few people exercise regularly, and this is a real shame, as it brings tremendous benefits. Just a few of them include a strengthened immune system (making you less likely to get sick), a better looking body, confidence, a heightened sex drive, and higher testosterone levels in men and a longer lifespan.

Engage In Sports

Recovering addicts who engage in sports regularly will develop the self-discipline that makes them more stress resilient which is needed to ward off anxiety and any triggers which can tempt them to resume drug or alcohol abuse.

Eat Lots of Good Food

Many recovering addicts stop abusing drugs and alcohol, only to turn around and begin abusing junk food instead. This is a type of Pyrrhic victory. Junk food has no nutrients and as such will not provide your body with the nourishment which is necessary to keep you healthy and vibrant. Not eating enough good food is bad because it will make you unhappy and grumpy. Eat enough food each day to be satiated and be sure it is high in nutrients.

Meditate or Pray

If you are religious this can be a source of strength that can help you overcome addiction. Some people also choose to meditate, which has been found to increase concentration while providing many other benefits.

Stay Away From People That Don’t Respect Your Sobriety

This will be tough and painful for a lot of recovering addicts, but it is an absolutely necessity for anyone who wants to remain drug free for life. When you leave rehab it is important to understand that some of your friends, associates and even family members will not respect your decision to stop using drugs. These people must be seen as enemies, as they will tempt you to resume a habit that is destructive in every respect.

Stay Away From Places That Create Temptation For Drugs

Nightclubs, bars and parties are notorious for the presence of drugs and alcohol. Therefore, you should avoid these places entirely unless you’re absolutely certain that no controlled substances will be present.

Find A Purpose For Your Life

People often ask what the meaning of life is, but a better question is to ask how can you make your life more meaningful. Once you leave rehab you have to find something to focus your attention and energy on otherwise your life will lack purpose and you could resume drug or alcohol abuse.

Do Something For The Community

Pick up a hobby, learn a new trade or skill, or perform volunteer work for the community. Anything that gives your life purpose and keeps you busy will avoid the boredom and idleness that causes so many to begin experimenting with controlled substances.

Get Lots of Sleep

When you’re tired you will not perform at your best, and many recovering addicts have sleeping problems due to the drugs they’ve used. If you’re having difficulty sleeping you should contact a doctor and look for natural ways to fall asleep rather than relying on pills.