10 Signs of a Heroin Addiction

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Heroin addiction can be very easy to overlook if you are not familiar with the signs. A heroin addict will usually make excuses to justify their behavior and hide what is actually going on. The addict will become adept at lying and the excuses they come up with might very convincing. If you have reason to suspect that a loved one might be using heroin, read through the following list of 10 of the most common signs of heroin addiction.

10 Signs of a Heroin Addiction:

  1. Rapid and extreme weight loss

Heroin can cause nausea in a user as well as oppress appetite, so an addict will begin to shed weight rapidly and develop an emaciated appearance. 

  1. Abscesses and skin infections 

Because heroin users typically inject the drug intravenously they can develop abscesses or infections at the site of injection. Prolonged heroin use will often leave the skin scarred as well.

  1. Excessive sleeping

The poppy flower, from which the opium used to make heroin is derived, carries the scientific name papver somniferum, meaning “the sleep-bringing poppy.” Typically opium is used medically and recreationally for their numbing properties so heroin users can sleep for over 10 hours at a time.

  1. Finding needles

Any time you find needles in your loved one’s room, bag or elsewhere in their possession you should be alarmed. A heroin addict is not likely to leave needles lying around but you might find them buried in the trash. Pick up any empty soda cans and shake them – you could hear a used syringe rattling inside.

  1. Odd changes in behavior

Using heroin will inevitably change a person’s behavior and personality. This is because the addict is experiencing shifts in mood from being high to coming down, alteration in brain chemistry and the person will need to be secretive to keep people from discovering their addiction.

  1. Extreme mood swings

Heroin addicts tend to vacillate between highs and lows in mood. During the times when they are high, the addict will be in an incredibly good mood. But coming down from heroin can be very uncomfortable since the symptoms of heroin withdrawal are notoriously painful.

  1. Chronic runny nose

A common sign of heroin use is that the person may seem to always have a runny nose because heroin suppresses the immune system and the body can’t fight off infections.

  1. Dry mouth

Heroin users commonly suffer from a very dry mouth because heroin was originally developed as a pharmaceutical drug and many drugs created for that purpose have dry mouth as a side effect.

  1. Wearing long sleeves even during warm weather

Heroin is often used intravenously by injecting it directly into the veins. So users of heroin will wear long-sleeved shirts and pants at all times of the year to hide the marks and scarring left at the injection sites.

  1. Finding spoons with bent handles or burn marks

When converting heroin from a powder into a liquid solution to be injected a user will often place the drug in a kitchen spoon, bend the handle and then hold it over a flame. Look out for cloths with brown smudge marks left from wiping away burn marks on the spoon.

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