10 Quick Tips To Fight Marijuana Cravings

10 Quick Tips To Fight Marijuana Cravings

Patients who are recovering from marijuana addiction will have urges to resume usage from time to time. Knowing how to fight these marijuana cravings effectively is the key to avoiding relapse. Drug addiction is a powerful phenomenon and ending it is no easy task. Recovering marijuana addicts will often miss the escape that the drug provides, but by using the following steps, your cravings can be eliminated for good.

Stay Away From People That Smoke Marijuana

Most marijuana users associate with people who smoke marijuana. Many former friends and co-workers will not appreciate your decision to quit, and will tempt you to continue using. If they are unwilling to accept your boundaries you will have no choice but to end your relationship with them, because when they tempt you to use the substance they are showing a lack of respect while increasing the risk of relapse.

Get Rid Of Marijuana Items And Paraphernalia

This includes bowls, bongs, rolling papers, posters, or anything which is marijuana related. Having these items in your home will remind you of the “good old days” when you used marijuana, and will tempt you to begin using again. Getting rid of any paraphernalia which is marijuana related will make it even harder for you to relapse.

Find A New Hobby

One of the key reasons why many people begin using marijuana is because of boredom. Those that have nothing to do will look for an escape from reality, and marijuana is perfect for this. However, to overcome marijuana addiction for good, one should keep themselves busy with hobbies or other tasks that focus their attention and energy away from getting high. This could include starting a business, learning a new language or skills, exercise, or traveling to new places. A person who challenges themselves will rarely get bored.

Avoid Fighting With Others

Drug rehabilitation experts will tell you that one of the most common causes of relapses is arguing with other people. This is because arguing and fighting triggers stress and anxiety which could create a craving for marijuana for relaxation. Avoid people who agitate you if possible and if not find peaceful ways to resolve disputes.

Don’t Quit Attending Meetings After Rehab

Many recovering addicts think that rehab ends when they leave the treatment center: it doesn’t. Remaining drug free is a lifetime process, and formal rehab treatment should merely be seen as the first step in this process. You should continue attending meetings where you can interact with other recovering addicts who were in the same situation as you. This will allow you to meet new people and your success can serve as a source of inspiration for them.

Hang Out At New Places

It is crucial for recovering marijuana users to change the places where they hang out. It is absolutely essential to avoid any locations where you’ve used marijuana in the past. Find new restaurants, shops and theaters where you can meet new people and avoid running into those that will temp you to resume marijuana usage.

Drink Plenty of Water

Drinking lots of water is important because it removes toxins from your body which will reduce your cravings for marijuana and other substances. Additionally, drinking water will clear your head while providing your system with many other benefits.

Exercise Regularly

It is critically important to take care of your body when trying to reduce your marijuana cravings. Exercise provides a number of benefits, including higher energy levels, greater self-esteem and motivation. Exercise is also a stress reliever and can help you sleep better while warding off multiple diseases.

Eat Right

Resisting your marijuana cravings will do you no good if you replace it with a bunch of junk food. Make sure you eat a balanced diet, one which incorporates all the food groups. When combined with a regular exercise regimen you will keep your body and mind in peak condition and will gradually lose your cravings for weed.

Maintain Strong Social Support

Research has shown that individuals who are dealing with addiction can overcome it much faster when they have social support. Let you family and friends know that you’re quitting marijuana for good, and they will in all likelihood desire to help you in any way they can.