South Florida Prescription Drug Rehab

Prescription drugs can be broken down into three broad categories, and these include stimulants, opioids and medications which are used to treat anxiety. Examples of opioids include Norco or Oxycontin, which is used for the purpose of relieving pain. Stimulants such as Concreta or Dexedrine are used for the treatment of both ADHD or sleep problems. While legal, all prescription drugs are subject to abuse, and the symptoms experienced will depend on the drug. All prescription drugs contain properties which can alter the mind.

Prescription Drug Addiction

There are a number of reasons why people may abuse prescription drugs. Some do it as a way of feeling good or relieving stress or tension. Some drugs are desirable because they will temporarily give users a boost, increasing their sense of awareness or reducing the need to eat. Many addicts will take prescription drugs for the purpose of experimenting with them, to see the type of mental effects they have. Finally, some people may become addicts because their peers pressured them into taking the drug. Regardless of the reason users become addicted to these substances, the consequences can be debilitating or even fatal.

Warning Signs of Prescription Drug Addiction

Those who are addicted to prescription drugs will showcase a number of warning signs. Some of these may include stealing medications, taking higher doses than their doctors recommend, or noticeable changes in mood. Addicts will frequently be under the influence of the substance, and will either display high energy levels or they will be sedated. They may also pretend to lose prescriptions so that more can be made for them. Additional warning signs for prescription drug abuse include:

  • Sleeping too much or too little
  • Bad decision making
  • Confusion or agitation
  • Drowsiness or Nausea
  • Euphoria or dizziness

Side Effects of Prescription Drug Abuse

There are many side effects associated with prescription medications, and some are specific to certain substances. For example, those who are addicted to stimulants will often display a body temperature which is higher than usual, while taking high doses of opioids can lead to increased pain. Those that are addicted to sedatives will frequently experience drowsiness, as well as problems with their memory. Additional side effects which are found with prescription drugs are:

  • Low appetite
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Poor coordination or walking unsteadily
  • Abnormal heartbeat
  • Increased dizziness
  • Paranoia and slow breathing

Prescription Drug Rehab

Anyone who uses prescription drugs is vulnerable to becoming addicted to them. When this happens, it defeats the purpose of why the drug was originally prescribed, which is to help the patient overcome a health problem. If you or someone you care for is addicted to prescription drugs, it is important to get help as soon as possible. There are rehab services available which can help you.

Addicts that choose to enter rehab have a number of treatment programs to choose from. Two of the most popular are inpatient treatment programs and intensive outpatient treatment programs. Before entering rehab formally, patients will be assessed to determine the nature of their addiction. Based on this, an effective treatment program can be personalized for the client. Rehab services may be costly depending on the patient’s needs and the program chosen, but there is a wide spectrum of payment options that you can consider.

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