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eating disorder treatment with Medicare

Using Medicare For Eating Disorder Treatment

Eating disorder treatment is available to those that have Medicare. Inpatient coverage is ideal for those who desire residential service, and you’ll want to contact Medicare to speak with the case manager. They are your advocate and will collaborate with you on single case agreements so you can get approved. Before the legislation changes anytime soon, you should capitalize on Medicare for your eating disorder treatment.

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addiction relapse during summer

How To Prevent An Addiction Relapse During Summer

Summer is the warmest time of year and as such many people spend time outdoors socializing, partying and going on vacation. However, there is a dark side to this season. Not only do incidences of violent crime tend to increase, but this is also the season when drug abuse and addiction relapse are highest. Here are some tips for preventing this from happening to you.

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substance abuse smells and scents

Identifying Smells That May Signify Substance Abuse

It is critically important for parents, guardians and teachers to watch for signs of substance abuse in teens. One of the best methods for doing this is none other than your nose. Drug usage often produces distinct scents, and those with an educated nose will be able to determine not only if a teen is using drugs, but what type as well.

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DIY drug detox

DIY Drug Detox Is Never A Good Idea

Some people have a “do it yourself” mentality when it comes to detoxification. They believe that they can perform a DIY drug detox without professional assistance, but as you will see in this post, this can be a very bad idea.

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