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activities to help you remain sober

Activities That Will Help You Remain Sober

Many people experiment with drugs and alcohol out of boredom or because they want to escape from life’s many problems and headaches. However, the consequences which come from doing so are not worth it. One way to prevent addiction and remain sober is to engage in activities that are fulfilling, which make life worth living and give you a purpose and connection to a cause greater than yourself.

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sex addiction causes

Understanding the Causes of Sex Addiction

Just like alcohol or drug addiction, sex addiction can compromise the addict’s health, affects his or her quality of life, and even destroy personal relationships. Sex addiction, in its most basic form, is a compulsive need to perform sexual acts in order to achieve a kind of “high” and gratification, just like how drug addicts get their “fix” from drugs. While this condition is actually common, it is sadly often not diagnosed. However, understanding the causes of sex addiction can help you tackle this negative pattern of behaviors better.

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ways heroin affects the body

How Does Heroin Affect The Body?

Heroin causes damage to a number of important organs, including the kidneys, intestines and brain. A heroin overdose can result in death, but those that survive could suffer from permanent brain damage.  There are a number of other effects which result from long term usage of this substance, all of which are debilitating to both the mind and body.

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