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new life after rehab

How Jack Built A New Life After Rehab

Jack didn’t come from the typical background that you’d expect of someone who had become addicted to heroin. Both of his parents were married, were upper middle class professionals and his childhood was pretty good. There was no abuse, nor were his parents drug addicts themselves. In fact, his parents were hard working, intelligent, focused and disciplined, only drinking socially at best and then only moderately. Perhaps this is one factor that led to Jack trying heroin and the need for a new life after rehab.

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Is Diazepam Dangerous?

Diazepam is a prescription drug that is perfectly safe for usage when prescribed by a doctor, and used as directed. However, this drug can become extremely hazardous when mixed with other substances, especially alcohol. Below are some things that diazepam users should always keep in mind.

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drink in moderation

How To Truly Drink In Moderation

Alcohol is a complex substance, not so much in its chemical composition, but in the politics and economics that have surrounded it for the last century. On the one hand, when consumed in moderation alcohol is completely harmless and in some varieties (such as red wine) can actually be healthy. On the other hand, when abused alcohol can lead to the death of the user (by poisoning) or the deaths of those around him (such as when a drunk driver hits a pedestrian or another vehicle). The dichotomy of this substance has left some wandering how to drink in moderation.

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internet addiction

What You Should Know About Internet Addiction

The internet is without a doubt one of man’s most miraculous inventions, and its creation is equal in importance to the wheel and fire itself. It allows people to share and access information in an instant, something that was impossible just 35 years ago. Whether it is connecting with friends, conducting research, playing online games or shopping, the internet has changed the world. In fact, the internet is so exhilarating some people have become subject to internet addiction.

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heroin withdrawal

Does Heroin Withdrawal Last Long?

Heroin is a vicious drug that has made headlines throughout the United States due to the number of people who have died as a result of using it. The decision to stop is wise, but isn’t as simple as you might think. Heroin is an exceptionally powerful opiate that quickly becomes habit forming and those that attempt to stop will suffer from terrible effects referred to collectively as heroin withdrawal. Below are some things you should know.

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