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The Warning Signs of Alcohol Abuse

Warning Signs of Alcohol Abuse

It can be difficult to be completely objective when figuring out whether you or someone you care about suffers from alcoholism. There are usually powerful emotions involved, along with the tendency to rationalize and deny either our own or others’ negative actions. Thus it’s hard to tell what actions are acceptable and what is going too far.

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long term drug rehab

How Do You Benefit From Long Term Drug Rehab?

Long term drug rehab will typically last for a minimum of 90 days. Research shows that this type of treatment has a much higher success rate than short term programs, often because patients have enough time to deal with the underlying issues that are behind their addiction as well as developing coping strategies to overcome it.

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amphetamine vs. methamphetamine

Amphetamine vs. Methamphetamine

When the topic of amphetamine vs. methamphetamine comes up, many people often get the two drugs confused. While both substances do share a number of similarities, there are also differences, and understanding them is important.

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