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drug legalization

The Costs and Benefits of Drug Legalization

The legalization of drugs has been the ongoing subject of conjecture, debate and contention. Marijuana has already been legalized in some jurisdictions, but the majority of street drugs are still illegal. Some believe that all drugs should be legalized. While others believe the system should remain as it is. Below are the costs and benefits of legalization.

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Grey Death

Powerful New Street Drug Called The Grey Death Has Authorities Worried

A new drug has appeared on the scene in the Southern U.S. that is absolutely terrifying, and authorities fear that its usage will soon spread to other parts of the country. Dubbed the “Grey Death,” one thing that is particularly concerning about this substance is that no one is yet sure exactly where it comes from, or what it even consists of.

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abusing opioids

How Abusing Opioids Can Lead To Contracting HIV

A recent HIV outbreak in Indiana has illustrated the dangers of using opioids such as heroin. The state’s Department of Health has reported that an outbreak of HIV occurred in the southeast part of the state, which researchers found was connected to some users injecting Opana, a prescription drug which is used as a painkiller. Twenty seven people were confirmed to have been infected so far. Below are some reasons why opioid abuse in particular leads to an increased risk of HIV infection.

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addiction rehab services

How To Separate Good and Bad Rehab Services

When it comes to rehab there are good services and there are bad. Private rehab is expensive, and given the fact that drug addiction is a life and death situation, anyone that intends to enter one of these programs should be absolutely sure that they’re getting their money’s worth. Below are some ways to separate the good programs from the bad.

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