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intensive outpatient treatment

Heroin Addiction: How To Get Treatment Through An Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program

Intensive outpatient treatments also referred to as IOP, is very effective for active recovering drug addict members in the society. The first question every addict seeking help through addiction treatment asks, is whether to enroll in an inpatient treatment program or the outpatient treatment program. There are several factors that need to be considered first, before one can come to a decision on the type of rehab program to choose.

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drug detoxification

Maintaining Good Nutrition Helps To Speed Up Drug Detoxification

Drug addiction comes with dire consequences which can take a toll on one’s life. Addiction can affect relationships and one’s overall health. Drugs generally contribute to physical damage of the body since addicts are not very keen in exercising good nutrition. Recovering addicts have to go through a drug detoxification process as one of the steps in a drug rehab treatment program.  If you are a fully recovered addict or have a few months into an addiction free life, you need to ensure that you work towards restoring your physical health. This lays a good foundation for a continued recovery.

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inpatient treatment

Why An Inpatient Treatment Program Is Best For A Recovering Drug Addict

When a drug addict finally decides to seek help from a drug rehab center, the next big question is whether to enroll in an inpatient treatment program or an outpatient program. Each type of program has its benefits and disadvantages and one has two weigh all of them before choosing a program. When choosing the kind of treatment program you need, consider all facets of your personal needs as well as the recovery process.

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medical drug detox

Can PCP Addiction Be Treated Through Medical Drug Detox?

Phencyclidine also known as PCP, has been listed by the DEA as a high potential drug for abuse. This means that the drug has a high tendency to lead addicts to severe physical and psychological dependence. The drug is commonly sold in the market as white powder. The whiter the powder, the more street value it has. Since this drug is very addictive, it needs one to undergo a medical drug detox first before they can continue with other programs of addiction treatment.

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